Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 16 Months Haiku

Skinny monkey child
Now suspicious of all food
Please eat this yogurt

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crunchy Mamas Don't Put Their Children on Leashes

I feel certain there was more than one mommy blog or conversation today about the horrible woman at the museum who had her child on a leash. Yes, that horrible women was me.

Today at the Museum of Life + Science I had a little backpack harness and leash on Josiah, and boy, did I get some dirty looks. So I got to thinking, again, about how much we, as mothers, judge other mothers.

Here is why I put my child on a leash. He's a newish walker but very, VERY independent. He doesn't want to hold my hand unless he's walking where he might fall (down stairs, over big bumps, etc). He doesn't want me to carry him most of the time. I would like to foster within him this intrepid nature, but still keep him close. He doesn't notice or care about the leash, but I can glance for a second at something else while still knowing he's safe. After all, he is the most important thing in my life, but he is not the only thing in my life. When we go to the museum I, too, like to look around at things.

So if you were judging me today I wonder if you took the time to look at the joy and wonder on my child's face as he was off "exploring on his own"? Or were you just looking at me and his harness and thinking about what a bad parent I am? Because I was looking at his face and his body language. He was so happy to be free to explore without me constantly picking him up or redirecting him or calling him back to me. He was positively vibrating with delight. I'm ok with that.

Forge ahead, my intrepid explorer. Mommy has your back.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

He Really Is a Pretty Child

I never thought Boomer and I would make an ugly child but I was slightly unprepared for how pretty he actually is. Of course everyone thinks their children are pretty, but we get independent corroboration literally every time we take him anywhere. People come up to us in stores, restaurants, the museum, you name it, just to tell us how beautiful he is. And, knock wood, he seems to be as beautiful inside as out, which is the most important thing to us. Yes he's an obnoxious toddler :) but he will share when asked and seems to show a genuine concern if someone around him is upset. He is generally delightful and easy even when he's tired. Comparatively speaking. :) He's also very, very funny.

Josiah took his first steps on December 3rd, 2011 but really did not become a proficient walker until the last month or so. He still stumbles some but so do I. :) He now just stands right back up and keeps going.

He will try to repeat what we ask him to say and spontaneously says "Bye bye!" and "Nigh nigh!" without being asked. As of today he knows what sounds lions, cats, owls and cows make. Yesterday he reached for a container of puffs on the kitchen table and, without provocation, clearly said "Puff!" Lately he's been saying "Okay!" a lot, especially when asked, and this word is particularly precious. He sounds a bit southern when he says it. I hope that's not too upsetting for his NY and ex-NY relatives. :)

He's been sleeping through the night since he was about 5 weeks old but lately every now and then has been waking up once around midnight-1am, but a quick song on my shoulder and/or a bottle put him back to sleep until morning. Maybe this should bother or concern me, but honestly, how much longer am I going to be able to cuddle him in my arms so comfortably? I look forward to every sweet, quiet, snuggly moment I have with him. Because during the day when he's awake it's generally GO GO GO!

Speaking of bottles, even at 15.5 months he still takes 4-6 4oz whole milk bottles a day. He won't drink milk from a sippy cup, and in general doesn't drink a lot from a sippy cup, so we feel it's important to make certain he's getting the milk he needs, and the way to do this is with bottles. Honestly I still enjoy holding him and giving them to him.

As for food, he's gotten a bit pickier. It's difficult to get him to eat veggies now, but I usually find a way to sneak them in. He LOVES grapes and Cherry Pie LĂ„RABARs.

He still wears size 12-18 months, but his 12 month sleepers are almost getting too short. 2 weeks ago a pair of his jeans needed to be cuffed and today they were the perfect length. He's definitely growing like the proverbial weed.

He's a funny, clever child and every day he delights me and makes me laugh. Boomer and I tell people we won the baby lottery... and we really did. I am blessed and truly feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

This picture was taken by Kimberly Combs of Combstribe Photography, whom I highly recommend if you ever need beach pics taken on the Outer Banks. He was absolutely unruly and unhappy that day but somehow she managed to still get wonderful shots.