Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a Difference a Month Makes

Ever since Josiah was born doctors and nurses have been telling us how strong he is, and how physically advanced he is. He's been supporting his own weight since, well, the very beginning. Or at least since we brought him home from the hospital anyway. That's why when he was 6.75 months old and not crawling and not really scooching, and the "things your baby should be doing" lists said he'd be scooching and crawling around 7 months, I was a little surprised. I was never worried. I know babies have their own time-lines, but definitely surprised. So I started putting him on the floor more, and putting objects in front of him, and really TRYING to get him to crawl/move. I guess that did the trick, because less than a month later and not only is he an expert crawler, but he's almost walking! Well, almost cruising (standing up, holding on to objects, and "walking" with support of the objects he's holding), for sure. He's crawling over to everything he shouldn't be messing with and pulling right up and getting into everything! I'm kind of wondering why in the world I encouraged this. :)