Monday, May 14, 2012

Complicated Logistics

AKA, The Complicated Logistics of Motherhood (lest you think this was going to be about my previous career.)
This post is in honor of Mother's Day, in honor of my mothers (plural), and every other mother out there (and fathers, too, but I'm not a man so it'd be difficult to write from that perspective). Also because Josiah is napping and there are so many things I SHOULD be doing, but I just feel like writing.

I knew motherhood was going to be hard. And rewarding. And wonderful. Amazing. All the adjectives, really, from adventurous to zazzy. And I love it. It's my favorite job, ever. But I guess I just never thought about how complicated even the little things would be.

For instance, running to the store is now a big deal. Where are Jojo's shoes? Has he pooped? Might he poop? Should I pack a snack? How much has he had to drink today? How many diapers should I pack? Should I feed him now or when we get back? IS HE AWAKE? Because if not, oh, yeah, I can't go to the store! There is no more just running to the store, unless, of course, your partner is home and can stay with the kid(s).

Or, once you are out and about and have the diaper bag all packed and the kid all safely tucked into his carseat and suddenly you have to pee. I mean, REALLY have to pee. These things happen now, especially if you have 1) given birth and 2) are getting older. You now can't legally pull into the next fast food/gas station and run in and pee (and leave the baby in the car). Leaving babies in cars is really frowned upon nowadays. So you have to somehow dance around while you unbuckle the [probably now-resistant because they know exactly the right times to do all the wrong stuff, they are really awesome like that] baby, finagle him into the tiny rest room and somehow go about your business while still holding the baby because you can't put him on a public restroom floor.... And because of said baby you've probably already peed yourself anyway. But you get my point. Nature's Call used to be simple... now, not so much.

There are so many other examples but I'd love to hear from other people about things that you used to take for granted that are now infinitely more complicated due to your little monkey angel(s). There's gotta be a book in this.

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  1. reading, working out, sleeping... wow there's so many things that are affected by the kids now..