Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babies Bring Smiles and Goodwill

This morning I was driving down the street one over from ours and I saw a bunch of cars in front of a house, a couple of which looked like they belonged to doulas and midwives (due to their license plates and/or window stickers). There's a new baby coming into the world just a couple hundred feet from me and it makes me happy.

Today is filled with love and hope. And I know that's maudlin, but with the exception of a few people, everyone loves babies.

I had to drop a book off at the library a little while ago and instead of taking the car seat in, I just stuck Josiah in the Maya wrap. Without fail, everyone who noticed him smiled. Most people commented. Folks who just seconds before they noticed Josiah had very dour looks on their faces simply lit up when they realized what I was carrying on my chest. See? Everyone loves babies. Even I love babies and I'm honestly not all that keen on children in general. When my son smiles at me my insides turn to mush and I just start babbling utter uselessness.

So of course I've got to wonder WHY everyone, including me, loves babies (and pregnant women). It's not like they are scarce. Babies are everywhere. So are pregnant women. I have 3 fairly close friends who are pregnant right now. I know lots of people with new babies, including me AND my little sister. So what is it? I think it's about hope and renewal. The same reasons people just feel happy on sunny, fresh spring days. It's new life and a new chance and new beginnings. And who doesn't want or need those?

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