Sunday, December 19, 2010

He's a Little Fella

Some of you may know about this, but I haven't really wanted to discuss at length with anyone because I've been scared, so I haven't written about it. On December 6th I had a routine ultrasound for a growth check. Since all of our previous appointments and ultrasounds had gone so perfectly I told Boomer not to even bother to come with me. So of course this was the only "bad" report we've had the whole pregnancy. Apparently Josiah hadn't grown any since the last growth check. Dr. Bird basically told me, "don't be too concerned yet". What no one bothered to tell me was that he scored an 8 out of 8 on his BPP (BioPhysical Profile), which is as good as it gets. They also didn't tell me that ultrasounds are not 100% accurate or that growth checks should not be done closer than 3 weeks apart (my last one was only 2 weeks before this one). They also didn't tell me it wasn't terribly uncommon for babies to quit growing. I just found out my niece, Mackenley, stopped growing at 34 weeks and she was born tiny but perfect, and is a wonderfully healthy 11 year old now.

So, this news, don't get me wrong, it worries me, but since December 6th we've had 2 appointments per week and everything has been fine. I go on the fetal heart monitor (called an NST, non-stress test) at the beginning of the week and have an ultrasound at the end of the week. His NSTs have been perfect, but supposedly he still hasn't grown. I type "supposedly" here because on December 6th I asked the sonographer if maybe his growth had stopped/slowed because he was out of room in my womb. She told me no, he still had plenty of room. When we had the last ultrasound this past Friday, Dec 17th, I asked if he still had plenty of room. This time she told me that no, it was tight. Now, I'm not a medical professional, but I don't think my uterus has shrunk. So if he hasn't gotten any bigger why are his quarters getting close?

Anyway, I've been told he's about 5.5 lbs now, but they can't give me a length. He is doing everything he's supposed to be doing, like practicing breathing, and his cord looks good. I'm trying not to be too concerned because I don't think stress hormones will help him.

I'm having a c-section at Durham Regional on Thursday, December 30th. Less than 11 days! I'm so ready, and so not. I'm also about as uncomfortable as I have ever been in my life. I really don't understand how any woman can enjoy being pregnant, especially the 3rd trimester. I limp and waddle everywhere. I have to pee all the time. Everything hurts, and just 2 days ago I started having these shooting pains in my unmentionable areas which are, come to find out, totally normal and due to his head being pressed up against some pelvic nerve. I ask you, is this something one can enjoy? Luckily, bitching about it helps. :) As does keeping my eye on the prize! In 11 days I get a wonderful baby boy and that's worth anything and everything.

Now go call the schmaltz-police.

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