Wednesday, November 24, 2010

34 Weeks

I'm 34 weeks pregnant today and there is a whole little person inside of me. I mean, if he came out today he'd probably be totally fine and have few to no complications. Hard to imagine. I sit in the nursery sometimes and look at all of his baby stuff and I still just can't quite believe I'm going to be responsible for a whole other person for the rest of my life. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even that great at taking care of my cats. And, I know, call the schmaltz-police, but I'm just overwhelmed with love for him. Ok, I KNOW in my head this is oxytocin, but it doesn't make it any less overwhelming for me. It's hard to wait to meet him and that's not just because I'm so uncomfortable.

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  1. Hey, ride the oxytocin! It's why our bodies produce it, so that when we're exhausted and wanna choke the little darlings we don't.

    I hate to be all 'miracle of life' but sometimes, despite my age, every so often I'm like 'HOLY CRAP DO ALL OF YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHERE BABIES COME FROM?' Just like when I was 5 and learned about the birds and bees.