Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Centering Pregnancy

Boomer and I had our first Centering Pregnancy class today. I peed on a stick to test glucose and protein and both were normal. My weight was up from the last visit but still down from my starting weight. My blood pressure was 131/68... top number a little higher than normal, but I don't do well in group situations, so slightly higher was to be expected. And the baby's heart rate was 161, also up from last visit, but still normal and to be expected, since Mom was agitated. :)

I don't enjoy those getting-to-know-you "fun" things that groups do, but I got through it. Boomer made a frenemy in the guy next to him by discovering that he's a Red Sox fan. The doctor who led the group is from NY and had lived in Brooklyn, so of course Boomer discovered that she actually lived 3 blocks from him in Bay Ridge. Everyone was very nice.

Most of the couples in there were pregnant with their first child. One couple was having their third! Yikes.

Most were due after me, some as late as early Feb. Most were not showing either. I'd really like to start showing instead of just looking dumpy.

I'm feeling better, less tired, though my back and knees are really hurting. I'm going to a chiropractor for the back issues, and will talk to my doc one-on-one about the knees. I think I just really need to get back to water aerobics. More soon.

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